Wednesday 8 September 2010

Sumtumn Style

It's that awkward time of year again; too cold for shorts yet still to warm for jumpers. Not quite autumnal but definitely past summer. It's that time of year where every morning poses as a complete and utter style crisis that always results in me having no idea what to wear. Let's set the scene. The sun is shining, so logically I reach for the mini and strappy top, an essential summer combination. Then the clouds decide to emerge. So away goes the skirt and scrap of cotton, out come the skinny jeans and more substantial-yet-definitely-not-a-wooly-jumper top.

Turns out the clouds were just passing. Along with rain that could nearly be defined as monsoon like. But once again the sun reigns supreme, evaporating all trace of water with its healing hot rays. Then the process repeats itself with more torrential rain. (When I was younger I was told that rain happened because God was crying. I used to wonder for hours what made Him so unhappy. But anyway...)

This indecisive weather makes getting dressed an absolute nightmare. Flip flops and a bikini would almost seem logical, if the rain weren't so darned chilly. And walking down the road in said apparel may attract all the wrong kinds of attention.
Designers seem to forget this awkward pause between seasons, deeming it perfectly acceptable to migrate swiftly from S/S to A/W, conveniently avoiding one of the trickiest sartorial four weeks in the calendar. Sumtumn.

As a consequence I am floundering.
Wellies and raincoat? Or shorts and flipflops?

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