Wednesday 15 September 2010

I Never Knew That About You

Everyone has thousands of things about them that people just don't know. That's what makes getting to know someone so much fun; it's the little things that are interesting. It's the boring stuff that makes someone interesting.

Little Known Fact Number 1:
One of my first words was wine. Which impressed my dad  and should possibly have given an insight into what was to come. Maybe that's something I should tell more's not my fault, a love of wine is clearly innate

Little Known Fact Number 2:
I have never been kissed...outside Europe. Which isn't altogether that surprising when the fact that I've only been out of Europe three times is taken into consideration. It's still true though. 

Little Known Fact Number 3:
I love Mozart. His compositions have life, humour and sadness. Play Mozart and I will be happy. 

Little Known Fact Number 4:
If I am wearing wellies, I will jump in every puddle I see. Even in front of children who are getting told off for doing so. Especially then. Just to reaffirm in their little heads that it is  better to be grown up (sort of). 

Little Known Fact Number 5:
Goats and snakes feature in my favourite animal list. I was once offered a meat parcel by a little old Greek man in his shop in the middle of nowhere (well, Greece somewhere). He was so proud of these because his wife had made them. Sadly they were goat meat and as bad as I felt, I just couldn't eat a goat. Which is strange when I will happily eat/wear rabbit and other cute little animals. Like pigs. 

Little Known Fact Number 6:
I don't like admitting I have gone the wrong way and will certainly not turn around and walk the way I have just come from. To the extreme that I once got on the circle line to go two the wrong direction. Maybe I should have admitted my mistake, gotten off and jumped on a train in the opposite direction. I didn't. It took about 50 minutes. 

Little Known Fact Number 7: 
I have a fascination with curling up in small spaces, i.e under desks, in wardrobes, cupboards, tumble dryers. I am very claustrophobic when it comes to my head though. Cover my head or touch my neck and I can't be held responsible for my actions. 

There we are. 7 little things about me. Feel free to tell me something about you!

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