Saturday 4 September 2010

Good Morning Owl

"Good Morning". The two words most likely to make me growl at you in a way no human should be able to. Year after year I have made it my New Year's resolution to get up early, but January 3rd after January 3rd I have failed. I assumed myself lazy and lacking in self discipline. Until today.

Whilst at work I was having a discussion with a couple of my colleagues about getting up in the mornings. One had already hoovered, changed the beds and eaten breakfast before coming into work that morning (this conversation took place at 9:10am). The other, like me, had struggled to poke so much as a toe out of the warm comfort of the duvet. What my fellow night owl told us, however, made my morning-guilt evaporate (nearly) completely. The ability to get up early is genetic.

It's in the DNA.

I get it from my parents...


Keen to verify these facts (I didn't want to let myself off too lightly), I had a quick flick through Google. Indeed, that National Geographic confirmed that some thoughtful researchers in Japan had been plucking people to work out when their body clock gene is most active. Turns out that the late starters have an active gene just after they wake up at the late time they want to, and the larks' genes are mainly active when they wake up at the crack of dawn (a.k.a middle of the night). Which would explain why I feel like I am in a sleep dazed fog before 10AM.

To make the whole thing even more exciting and fantabulous, a fine lady named Dr. Ying-Hui Fu a specialist in micro biology and microchemistry has basically discovered that, summed up, people who naturally wake up early have mutated genes, thus are mutants. There may be slight use of hyperbole there, but you get the gist.
I'm just ecstatic there's nothing wrong with me.

Some interesting websites on the matter...

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