Saturday 7 May 2011

The Real Point of Uni

Maybe the title of this is a tad generic. Should be something more along the lines of "Why I want to get a degree". I'll change it later. Probably.
When someone asks me what I want to do after I graduate, I instantly reply that I want to do Masters (and no, not in Hull). Although the thought of getting a job and being -dare i say it?- responsible absolutely terrifies me, I don't want to prolong my education to stall for time. Nor do I actually want the Masters to further my career prospects (just don't tell my mum this), although most of the jobs that I'd like do require one. Instead the mere knowledge is why I want those letters after my name. It excites me. Alot. Learning in such depth about something that interests me.
In turn the reason I am currently an undergrad is for similar reasons. I just like learning about Wordsworth's politics, Hardy's character formation and Middleton's depiction of London. For me, my degree is more of an indulgence that has the added benefit of career prospects, valuable life experience (from living with other people and budgeting to not drinking sambuca) and meeting new people, some of whom will prove to be incredible friends and others useful contacts, than being a total necessity. It's a bit like an expensive but high quality pair of beautiful shoes. Costs a lot, you do it for love but ultimately they save your feet from getting dirty. I could read the books at home in the same way I could wear crocs or something equally as repugnant.
There is nothing quite like an active, engaging seminar where everyone has their own opinions, the tutor encourages discussion and you leave feeling thoroughly intellectually stimulated.

Yet despite all this I'm still struggling to find motivation to write my essay.

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