Monday 23 August 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I firmly believe that the best way to get to know someone is through their opinions, how they react in unusual situations and their favourite objects. Unfortunately people rarely divulge their full opinions, especially to people they are unfamiliar with and it can be difficult to contrive unusual situations. Mercifully it is fairly simple to provide a list of favourite objects so here is mine.
  • My Doll’s House. I remember my father building it for me when I was about 6. he spent hours painstakingly measuring and glueing everything. My mother and I decorated it together. 
  • A hunting knife in a leather sheath that I think was my father’s. I sort of adopted it a few months ago. I love the weight of it and how beautiful the embossed leather stag is. 
  • My leather holdall; I take it everywhere. My grandma helped me persuade my mother to buy it for my 19th birthday present. I simply adore it. It makes me want to travel and go on long train journey adventures. 
  • A pendant that my grandma gave me when I was younger. It is a vibrant blue butterfly wing in a silver and glass case. She used to let me wear it when I visited her house and one day gave it to me. It was a gift that she received when she was a child and I love the idea that it’s so old.
  • The swan pendant that my Grandpa gave me. He chose it himself and I always have good luck when I wear it. 
  • My sketchbook contains some drawings I’m really rather proud of and is such a good way to relax.
  • My books. All of them. I wanted to choose one or two but I couldn’t, I love them all. Some I have good memories of reading, some have sentimental value and others are just damn good reads.
  • The fur coat that I bought in Hull on one of the hottest days earlier this summer. It’s gorgeous and I love to wonder about its previous owner. 
  • Each charm on all of my charm bracelets has its own special meaning. One is made entirely of charms that have a significance to me, another is a collection of entirely Orcadian charms. One charm (that is ironically bracelet-less) is a spider and was the first thing my Grannie ever bought in an antique shop. 
This list is actually a lot longer than I intended it to be. It was supposed to be eclectic, brief and…I’m not sure actually. 
Oh, and I love the sky. And the sea. 

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